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                                                All Xolos

We have been blessed with many Xolos over the years. Some of them were purchased and became our foundation dogs, some are dogs that we bred. Many are champions and others are on their way to becoming champions while. Some were never shown or bred at all and are beautiful pets. Either way, we are proud of them all and each is special to us. 

GCH CH Blanch-o's Gran Esperanza, RN, CA 

CH Blancho's Getting To The Point V Shae

CH Shae's Son Of Greatness CGC, BN, RN 

CH Shae's Arizona Hot Shot 

   Hermanita Caliente 

S&V Pay Homage to BAMFX's 

CH Shae's Divine By Design "Diva"

Shae's Blast From The Past

CH Shae's Ixchel Alegrias, CGC

Shae's Grace Jones

Shae's Let Them Eat Cake

                             THE FOLLOWING DOGS ARE ACTIVE

Morelos (Arena)


Shae's Breakfast At Tiffany's 
          (Major pointed)

Chula 4 S&V (Hernandez)

Vidxium's Black Magic Mamba By Shae

      (Major Pointed)

CH Virtudes (Arena)

GCH Matador 4 S&V (Hernandez)

Vidxium Dancer In The Dark

CH Shae N Vidxium Check Mate

Vidxium's All About Valentina 

S&V Salem Witch Trials

Sweden bound 2020

Vidxium Signature Pose 

GCH Bigstars Unchained At Hannonhill, CGC

Blanch-o's First Blood 


Shae's Double Exposure 
                 (coming soon)

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