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                                                  Health Testing

In the beginning, when Xolos became an AKC recognized breed again, there was no suggested health testing to be done per OFA and the parent club. We did do some testing on our own for heart, patella and eyes. Now there are some testing recommendations (Hips, Heart, Eyes) for standard size Xolos. We are currently chipping away at these recommended health tests. Beyond what is recommended we are also doing the Optimal Selection DNA testing. Results will be posted below on the respective dogs as they become available. Also, once results are submitted to OFA, they will be available on the OFA website by search of the dogs name. 

GCH Bigstar's Unchained At Hannonhill, CGC  "Drogo"
Eyes: XC-EYE4/24M-NOPI
VPI: chip-981020015545243
SEMEN: 90% motile, 137 million/mL, thawed 85%

GCH Matador 4 S&V (Hernandez)  "Matador"
Hips: 10-2019
Elbows: 10-2019            
Patella: Normal             (results on OFA soon)
Cardiac: Normal
Dentition: Full 
Genetic health testing: 10-5-2019 results soon
VPI: chip-939000002399439 tat-FCMK8513-B

CH Shae N Vidxium Check Mate  "King"
Patella: Normal                           
Cardiac: Normal
Genetic health testing: collected
PI: Chip

Chula 4 S&V (Hernandez)  "Chula"
Hips: 2020
Elbows:    2020     
Eyes:  12/2019 
Patella: Normal-results on OFA soon
Cardiac: Normal-results on OFA soon
Genetic health testing: 12/2019
Dentition: Full-results on OFA soon
DNA# V825254
VPI: chip-939000002398893 tat-FCMK8513-C

CH Virtudes (Arena)  "Virtudes"
Hips:  12-2019                                      
Elbows: 12-2019  
Eyes: clear
Patella: normal
Cardiac: Normal
Genetic health testing: 100% clear (see below)

AKC DNA# V815679
VPI: chip-939000002371385 tat-FCML2292F

Shae's Salem Witch Trials  "Alice"
Patella: normal
Cardiac: normal             (Moving to Sweden)
Dentition: Full
Genetic health testing: 2020
VPI: 2020

Vidxium's Black Magic Mamba By Shae  "Mamba"
Hips: 2020
Elbows:  2020
Eyes: 2020
Patella:  2020
Cardiac: 2020
Genetic health testing: 2020
VPI: chip

Vidxium's Strike a Pose  "Malgosia"
Hips:  2020
Elbows:  2020    
Eyes: 2020
Patella: normal
Cardiac: normal
Genetic health testing:   
VPI: chip

     *Wisdom Optimal Selection DNA health testing for breeders*

This is a DNA test that is sent in to a certified lab which partners with the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA). It tests for 200+ genetic diseases.  For more information on this testing, please visit the following:

CH Virtudes (Arena) "Virtudes"--- 100% clear

GCH Matador 4S&V (Hernandez) "Matador"---processing now

CH Sha'e N Vidxium Check Mate "King"---collected

Chula 4 S&V (Hernandez) "Chula"---12/2019

                                              RETIRED DOGS
CH Shae's Arizona Hotshot
Hips: XC-22G25F-VPI
VPI: Yes

CH Stoneybrk N Shae's Fire From Under
DNA: V802758
Cardiac: XC-CA15/22F/P-PI
Patella: XC-PA11/22F/P-PI

CH Shae's Ixchel Alegrias, CGC
Dentition: Full Dentition
Patella: Normal right; Normal left 
Cardiac: Normal              
VPI: chip-95600008982479

CH Shae's Divine By Design
Eyes: XC-EYE5/10F-VPI normal
Cardiac:XC-CA12/14F/P-VPI normal
Patella: XC-PA8/14F/P-VPI normal
VPI: chip-956000004204988

Shae's Blast From The Past
Cardiac: XC-CA16/20F/P-NOPI normal
Patella: XC-PA12/20F/P-NOPI normal
VPI: chip-985122004384812

Shae's Poetry In Motion V Stnybrks
Cardiac: XC-CA13/16M/P-PI normal
Patella: XC-PA9/16M/P-PI normal

CH Blanch-O's Getting To The Point V Shae
Cardiac: normal 08-03-2019
Patella: normal left and right 08-03-2019
VPI: chip-FDX-A4B7B59146C

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