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About Shae Xolo's:

My name is Erin Burch, owner of Shae Xolos.  I am located in NW Tennessee and I thank you for visiting Shae Xolos website. I have shown dogs in AKC since 2005.  In 2010 I saw my first Xoloitzcuintli and fell in love. Prior to that I showed Great Danes. I have finished many AKC championships and I am a Breeder of Merit. This is my hobby so I do not show every weekend nor do I have frequent litters. I work a regular full time job so breeding and showing are carefully planned out. I have had the most amazing and rewarding experience owning and showing this breed. I look forward to meeting new people who also appreciate the breed.  

                                       WE THE TEAM 

      My dear friend David Gonzales (Vidxium Xolos) of Houston, Texas and I work closely in the breed. We have co-owned Xolos and have shown them together since 2013. We are both breeder/owner/handlers of our dogs. The sacrifices have been enormous and our focus is stronger than ever. As a result, our achievements continue to be greater than we could have imagined. 
     Together as a team, we have known highs and lows but we know that we could not have done it if not for the support of the other. We respect one another's ideas/plans and realize that autonomy is important for personal growth. We learn more about the breed every day through our mistakes and successes which guide our future decisions. We remain appreciative of one another's efforts and humbled by each other's unwavering friendship. We are family and we have just begun to see the fruits of our labor...we love our job! Together all things are possible. 

      *We are members of the Xoloitzcuinti Club of America*
                    Health testing is a healthy topic

     We will continue to do health testing on all of our active dogs.  Though the breed is, as a whole, a very  healthy breed, we want to be sure our dogs are as healthy as possible. As a result, we feel confident that the puppies we place will also be healthy.  See our health testing page which will be updated as results become available. 
     We are always happy to talk Xolos and answer any questions that you may have about the breed, our program, our dogs, our health testing, puppy inquiries or anything related to the Xolos.

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