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About Shae Xolo's:

     My name is Erin Burch, owner of Shae Xolo's.  I am located in NW Tennessee..  I have shown dogs in AKC dog shows since 2005.  In 2010 I saw my first Xoloitzcuintli and fell in love.  This mysterious, ancient and super smart breed captured my soul.  I am a member of the Xoloitzcuintli Club of America and enjoy showing my dogs when I am able to do so.
     I have had the most amazing and rewarding time owning and showing this breed.  I look forward to meeting new people who also appreciate the breed.  
My goal is to (on a very limited basis) breed for sound temperament, solid and competitive conformation, continued good health and more importantly dogs that make great companions.  This is a hypo-allergenic breed that makes for a wonderful therapy or service dog and because of their versatility they can do just about anything you ask of them.
     I work closely with my friend David Gonzalez of Vidxium Xolo's who is a fellow owner/breeder/handler. We co-own dogs together and are working very hard to bring and/or breed quality healthy Xolo's. Our results are being seen in the ring. We have also began health testing our Xolo's for our own peace of mind.  Though the breed is as a whole a healthy breed, we want to be sure our dogs are as healthy as possible. 
     I am always happy to talk Xolos and answer any questions you may have as this breed is my passion.
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